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Who can come to the University of Jordan (UJ) as an exchange student?


To come to UJ as an exchange student, your home university must have a formal agreement for exchange studies with UJ.  This can either be a specific faculty agreement (or even a specific department agreement) or it can be a university-wide agreement. Check with the International Office at your university (either the central office or at your faculty/department) to see if there is an agreement with UJ and if you are eligible to go on an exchange.  Your International Office can also explain what subject areas you can study as an exchange student, as defined through the particular exchange agreement in place with UJ.

How to be nominated for an exchange to UJ


You apply for an exchange at your home university through your central International Office. Your university has its own procedures that you must follow. Your home university will be able to inform you about the nomination process for their students to go on an exchange and their specific requirements. They can also inform you about coming for one semester (half year) or two semesters (one year) of study. It is important that you have sufficient proficiency in English language. However please check with your home university regarding the required levels to be nominated for an exchange to UJ, as per the agreement in place between the two universities.

When to apply


The deadline for the fall semester (starts usually around mid September) is early July. The deadline for the spring semester (starts usually late January or early February) is early December. Our deadlines are slightly flexible. However, we strongly recommend that you submit a complete application as close to the deadlines as possible to ensure timely processing.​​​​​​

​​UJ Language Center (UJLC)


The Language Center teaches Arabic and English communication skills to all university students and Arabic courses to non-native speakers and serves the local and global communities by holding local and international exams, and by holding training courses for students and teachers in English and Arabic.

UJLC provides a first class education and services and support the linguistic, intellectual, social and cultural development of our students through talented and professional instructors, emerging in the native community and through a positive and supportive learning environment.  Moreover, providing access to opportunities that enable students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals. 

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