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Incoming FAQ's
expand  Do I need a visa?
expand  What facilities and help does UJ provide to special need students?
UJ’s Counseling Department is responsible for facilitating the integration of students with special needs in all aspects of university life, giving them the possibility to attend lessons and laboratory sessions, and provide them with access to the library and other university facilities.
expand  Do you offer courses in English?
expand  Do you provide a health insurance for exchange students?
All students registered at UJ benefit from the on-campus student clinic and UJ hospital if referred by the clinic.
expand  How and when do I have to apply for housing?
expand  How can I receive my transcript of records?
OIR will send the transcript of records to your home institution within few weeks after the end of each semester. All exchange students are entitled to one transcript copy sent to their home institutions.
expand  How can my exchange application to The University of Jordan (UJ) be initiated?
expand  Is Project Coordinators Portal Accessible from outside the University of Jordan?
No. is only accessible from the University of Jordan
expand  Upon arrival, what do I need to do? What do I need to know about registration?
expand  What are the application deadlines?
The deadline for the fall semester (starts usually around mid September) is early July. The deadline for the spring semester (starts usually late January or early February) is early December. Our deadlines are slightly flexible. However, we strongly recommend that you submit a complete application as close to the deadlines as possible to ensure timely processing.
expand  What is considered a full load at UJ?
For undergraduate students, a full load is 15 credit hours of regular course work. For postgraduate students a full load is 9 credit hours of regular course load. The number of credit hours will be less for students who also study Arabic for Speakers of other Languages at UJ’s Language Centre.
expand  What is the Grading System at UJ?
expand  What is the language requirement for incoming students?
For regular university courses: Incoming students should have language skills that enable them to follow classes in Arabic and/or English. This can be documented by standardized test scores or attestation from a language professor that the student is proficient enough to follow classes in the appropriate language. Except for beginner level courses, students wishing to follow foreign language classes in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Korean have skills in the appropriate language documented by standardized test scores or attestation from a language professor that the student is proficient enough to follow classes in the appropriate language. Arabic Language for Speakers of other Languages: No language proficiency is required for students wishing to study Arabic Language for Speakers of other Languages. They will be placed at the appropriate level after taking placement test upon arrival.
expand  When is the first and last day of classes?
expand  When will I find out if I am admitted to UJ?
Once OIR receives the application it will be evaluated for eligibility for the program. If there are any issues or missing documents, you will be contacted for clarification. Once the approval process is concluded an acceptance letter will be issued and sent to your home institution by email and/or post.
expand  How Can I Learn More about Erasmus+ Capacity Building Projects and Proposal Writing?

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