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Flexibility in Designing Your Studies

Learning Arabic is not a one-size-fits-all process. Yes, all students take Modern Standard Arabic and the appropriate level of Jordanian or Levantine Dialect, but assignments and activities are adjusted to meet individual learning styles. Whether your background is in public health or anthropology, whether you prefer one-on-one instruction or group projects, we customize the program to fit your needs.


Total Arabic Immersion

You’ll take a full load of Arabic language classes, live with a local roommate, meet with an Arabic language partner, attend language activities, and even uphold a full-time language pledge. It won’t be easy, but when Arabic starts pouring out of your mouth without your thinking about it, we think you’ll agree that it was well worth the effort.


Community Approach to City Living

One of the hard parts of studying abroad is finding a community overseas. But don’t worry—CET sets that up for you from day one. You’ll enter into a supportive network of staff, teachers, roommates, and peers who care about both your progress in the program and your well-being. And after you’ve successfully completed your program, our alumni network is there to welcome you home.


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