Unit Strategy

To be the University's international arm in fulfilling its vision of joining the league of top globally ranked universities.
Networking and forging partnerships with international institutions of higher educationto facilitate mobility of students, academic and administrative staff, joint research activities, the organization of conferences, seminars, and international workshops, and the establishment of joint academic programs in serving the University's mission to provide its students with a distinguished learning and educational experience, and to be a producer and publisher of theoretical and applied knowledge.
The overall goal of the International Affairs Unit (IAU) involves leading the University of Jordan towards internationalization. To achieve this supreme goal, the unit seeks to achieve several sub-goals of high importance such as upgrading international relations' strategies through establishing partnerships and strengthening joint cooperation with international higher education institutions, embassies, and various international bodies for the purposes of implementing joint scientific research activities, organizing events, and promoting academic mobility. The unit also seeks to provide the university with elite faculty members who possess the best experiences in rare specialties by strengthening the scholarship policy for outstanding students. In addition, IAU pays great attention to the process of knowledge dissemination, specialized training, and infrastructure development in the university's units, centers, and schools through signing agreements for implementing projects supported by international bodies