International Affairs Unit

Externally Funded Projects Department

Externally Funded Projects Department oversees non-research projects such as capacity building, higher education development, and education that are funded by an external entity or agency. Our aim is to manage the project life cycle procedures, to provide training for financial project management, to disseminate information about prospective sources of funding, and to monitor their progress.


expand  Project Preparation and Technical support Division

·        Developing IT solutions that assist in the management of funded projects.

·        Extending specialized knowledge about project sponsors, available funded projects, and offering managerial support for coordinators.

·        Reviewing all project applications and its proposed budget before submitting them to project sponsors.

·        Prepare/review any project-related drafts of agreement or memorandum of understanding and assist in accelerating the signing process.


expand  Following-up after Obtaining Support Division

·        Monitoring the progress of sponsored projects once granted.

·        Managing Funded Projects financially and prepare financial reports.

·        Measuring performance and prepare reports.

·        Categorizing projects according to their areas, sponsors, the amount of support given, the names of the implementation team, outcomes or any other matters related to them. ​​