Kickoff Meeting of the Project Developing Curricula for AI and Robotics

Tuesday 19/1/2021: The kickoff meeting of "Development Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (DeCAIR)" project was held over Zoom platform. This project is supported by the European Union within the Erasmus Plus program. The project is coordinated by the University of Jordan and includes five European partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, and Greece and two universities from Lebanon in addition to Jordan University of Science and Technology and Tafila Technical University. The project is a three-year project.

The project aims to develop and update artificial intelligence and robotics (AIR) courses in computer engineering and mechatronics engineering for both the current bachelor's and master's programs. It also aims to design and build a new master's program in AIR at the University of Jordan, and a new bachelor's program in Intelligent Systems that at Tafila Technical University. This is in addition to many other objectives, including: building the capacities of faculty members, technical assistants and students in AIR through the transfer of European expertise, networking with various companies, institutions and universities related to it, the development of new laboratories in AIR, and strengthening cooperation with local, regional and European companies to apply AIR technologies.

The General Coordinator of DeCAIR, Prof. Gheith Abandah from the University of Jordan, presented a general summary of the project, which included the objectives and importance of DeCAIR. Additionally, Abandah reviewed the main stages of implementing the project, the main work packages of the project and their distribution among the partners to guarantee the best possible results. The participants expressed their interest and strong desire for the success of this project. Additionally, the coordinators of the ten partners gave overviews about their universities and their capabilities, especially in the fields of AIR, which would help in the success of DeCAIR project.

It is worth noting that the world is witnessing rapid progress in AIR. Also, local and global markets are witnessing a strong demand for qualified professionals in these fields. Therefore, finding qualified people in AIR will create new companies, new job opportunities, and would contribute to advancing the economy.

Finally, thirty-three participants attended the meeting, including: representatives from each of the ten partners, a representative of the Erasmus Plus office in Jordan, and a representative of the Erasmus Plus office in Lebanon.​