International Affairs Unit

Sponsored Students and Staff Department

​The Sponsored Students and Staff department is keen to provide all facilities for outstanding students and researchers in various disciplines and colleges to obtain the highest academic degrees from the most prestigious international universities, and to meet their aspirations on one hand and the academic needs of the university on the other hand, which gives them unique scientific experience, which gives them excellence in their field of specialization, and returns To benefit the level of education at the university, and to improve its methods and the quality of its outputs.


expand  Financial Affairs & Follow-up

​Division tasks, functions and responsibilities:

  • Implementing the decisions of the Appointment and Promotion Council regarding delegates (renewing delegation - ending delegation / extending delegation / postponing commitment / nominating delegation) and others.
  • Follow up the delegates' financial matters with the financial department at the university (university fees / checks / financial allocations / health insurance / travel tickets allowance and thesis printing).
  • Follow up the delegates' information system on the computer and update its data.
  • Follow-up of transactions related to delegates' mortgages (estimating the values/ placing a mortgage reference/ releasing a mortgage/ insurance bonds/ calculating the values ​​of the mortgages to be retained or claim values ​​for delegates).
  • Preparing dispatch department reports (lists of delegates/delegation candidates/other miscellaneous reports).
  • ​Correspond with delegates via e-mail (requesting and sending documents/responding to delegates' inquiries).

expand  Academic Affairs

​Division tasks, functions and responsibilities:

  • Preparing dispatch-related announcements for all colleges
  • Checking the comparison tables and applications sent from colleges for the purposes of running for delegation
  • Follow up the academic affairs of the delegates from the beginning of their obtaining the scholarship until its end and their return to the university.
  • Sending the transactions related to delegates (renewing delegation / postponing delegation / extending delegation) to the appointment and promotion committee, after obtaining approvals from officials in the various colleges to which the delegates are affiliated.
  • Communicate with the delegate three months before the expiry date of his delegation to proceed with the follow-up procedures for his academic level and request a detailed report from the supervisor responsible for each delegate.
  • Proceeding with the preparation of a memorandum for the purpose of appointing the delegate in the department or college to which he is affiliated.