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The University of Jordan is both a modern as well as old institution of Higher Education in Jordan. Established in 1962, the University has, since then, applied itself to the advancement of knowledge no less than to its dissemination.

In its capacity as a comprehensive teaching, research and community-service institution, the University of Jordan enables its students to choose from a wide range of programs- more than 3500 different courses are offered by some 18 faculties.

Many current and former staff members head important academic, administrative, and political establishments in the Kingdom; many have served as ministers in a number of government cabinets, top advisers to the Jordanian leadership, members of Parliament, and presidents of Jordanian public and private universities. Among its more than 1086 faculty members are freelance writers in the national newspapers and magazines as well as consultants for the radio and TV. stations, poets, novelists, short-story writers, and literary critics. Many have also offered their services to some neighboring Arab and Muslim countries, and many teach or have taught at a number of prestigious universities all over the world. Most faculty members are active participants in conferences, workshops, and symposia abroad; and most take advantage of the various research and exchange awards. Given the global outlook, the progressive thinking and diverse background, these faculty members shoulder the responsibility of delivering a quality education to the 38,000 students who are pursuing a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

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