bourses d'excellence Labex Centre Henri Lebesgue Nantes/Angers/Rennes

The Centre Henri Lebesgue (western France: Bretagne and Pays de la  Loire) offers each year around 10 scholarships for 2nd year Master  students who wish to pursue with a phd in fondamental and applied  mathematics in various pathways : Algebra-Geometry ; Analysis ;  Probabilities ; modelisation, numerical analysis, scientific calculus ; Statistical engineering. Courses are taught in English  when at least one non french speaking student attends the course.

Key informations:
- selection of application based on excellence via the website of  the Center Henri Lebesgue only
- applications are open from november until february
- scholarship amounts to 1000€ per month per student for 10 months  (september until june)
- important note for international students: you must check and  follow the | Etudes en Franceprocedure applicable for your country, especially deadlines. The Lebesgue application is not the Etudes en France application. You must do  both.

- some scholarships may be attributed to 1st year master student for the pathways in Nantes/Angers, and may be carried on for Master 2 level.


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