After more than seven decades, the MAEC-AECID Grants and Assistantships programmes have consolidated their role as the most highly demanded Spanish foreign policy instruments in the fields of development cooperation, the arts, education and culture, comprising a vast network of grant and assistantship awardees around the world.

The two calls for applications that make up the 2019-2020 edition present a wide range of training and internships aimed at Spanish and non-Spanish citizens, both in Spain and abroad.

Programmes on offer within each call for applications are:

Art, Education, Science and Culture:
Grants for the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Real Academia de España en Roma – RAER).

Grants for internships in culture management abroad.

Grants for internships of international development cooperation at Spanish Cooperation training centres in Latin America.

Training collaboration grants at the Academies associated with the Royal Academy of Spanish (RAE).

College of Europe grants (Bruges, Belgium campus and Natolin, Poland campus).

Grants for musical training of excellence at the Queen Sofía School of Music (ESMRS).

Educational grants for Master's studies for civil servants and staff in the public systems of priority countries for Spanish Cooperation.


For teaching Spanish at foreign universities.



The application process ‒including presentation of the documents required ‒ shall be carried out exclusively online, through the AECID website.


The application deadlines vary by programme.

The selection process is carried out by the Evaluation Committee, which presents to AECID President the proposal for awarding grants and assistantships to the candidates selected, in accordance with the requirements and criteria of each programme, including, when appropriate, a ranked list of runners-up to cover possible drop-outs. The Committee may also seek the opinion of renowned external experts in each area.​


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