2020 Fund Challenge for students in economics

E5CFE57C3632779C8A177711872E7284245AC8B1_645DFF3F5ABE88A157533181268FF57C72D6F748.PDFThe IMF’s African Department (AFR), Asia and Pacific Department (APD), Middle East and Central Asia Department (MCD), and Institute for Capacity Development (ICD), in collaboration with the IMF Innovation Lab (iLab), invite economics students to join the 2020 Fund Challenge. Students currently enrolled in undergraduate degree programs in economics or a related field at an institution of higher learning in any eligible AFR, APD, or MCD member country1 are qualified to compete in the Fund Challenge. Pre‐qualification requirements are as follows: Teams consist of two students per institution of higher learning.2 All students wishing to participate must register using the Fund Challenge Registration Site by October 31, 2019. Each team member must successfully complete ICD’s online Macroeconomic Diagnostics course (MDSx), between November 1 and December 16, 2019. The course is provided at no charge to participants. The workload is 6–8 hours per week over six weeks. Details on course access and technical requirements will be communicated on November 1, 2019; Teams who successfully complete the required online course will also be asked to analyze a new case study developed by ICD. Each team will then submit: - a presentation that (a) describes the current economic situation in the case study, and (b) recommends policies to address the identified challenges - a letter from a faculty member certifying undergraduate enrollment at an institution of higher learning in an eligible AFR, APD, or MCD member country to IMF‐FundChallenge@imf.org Presentations may be prepared in English or French and submitted in any format (MS PowerPoint is recommended), but please note that the MDSx course and new case study will only be available in English. The Process and deadlines for submitting presentations will be communicated on December 17, 2019. Finalist teams will win a trip to visit the IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C., in April 2020. This is an opportunity to meet policy makers, academics, and civil society organizations from around the world. Finalists will also participate in an interactive Fund Challenge event with other Spring Meetings participants and attend seminars, media events, and other events



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