EU Projects at the University of Jordan
Strengthening skills and training capacity in the horticulture sector
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The sustainable management of scarce water resources is fundamental to Jordan’s future. The project aims to directly assist four of Jordan’s HE institutions to play a more prominent role in this field. They will be linked to a consortium of Dutch expertise in the education, water and horticulture sectors. This Dutch Jordanian partnership will collaborate in five key project implementation areas: Working groups as part of the new Triple Helix platform, to ensure long-term collaboration mechanisms, governance structures and policy frameworks, to ensure an improved interface between HEIs, private sector (water and horticulture), and relevant government bodies. Aimed at a Centre of Excellence on improved management of water for agriculture. Improved capacities of HEIs teaching staff and management, including skills and pedagogical competencies, to ensure their involvement in creating practical link between the working groups and education design and provision. Improved curricula and courses in the area of water-efficiency, energy use and food security, and strongly based on labor market needs, aimed at building a new generation of graduates in this water-agriculture nexus. New, hands-on entrepreneurship, industry service provision, action research and apprenticeship programs at HEIs level, with strong focus on inclusion of women, youth and marginalized groups, and to better link to the skills-needs in the area of management of water for agriculture.​

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