EU Projects at the University of Jordan
Promoting youth employment in remote areas in Jordan / JOB-JO

Job-Jo aims to reduce unemployment and poverty in remote areas in Jordan through the establishment of multiple business Bureaus i the participationg higher education institutions. These Bureaus will provide the necessary teaching and training services for the unemployed graduates and re-qualify them to increase their job opportunities. Job Jo also claims to have a special focus on women. the foreseen outcomes will effectively contribute to improve the capacity building process at the national level and to allow graduates to gain the skills and training needed for their profession.

Moreover the foreseen activities will surely foster economic growth, reduce unemployment and poverty in remote areas. The project aims to include service providing and workshops to graduates to gain skills that are necessary but not commonly provided by universities. The Project will promote the modernization of learning methods, training of staff and students, management and quality control, and internationalization of higher education institutions.​

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