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Externally Funded Projects Department

Externally Funded Projects Department manages non- research projects as they can be related to Capacity Building or Development Projects that are funded from an external body or agency. Our mission is to manage the processes of project management as well as providing knowledge on how to provide dissemination, training, financial project management and to follow up with the progress of these projects.


expand  Technical Support Division

The duties, functions, and responsibilities of the Division include:

·         Designing and programming as well as developing IT systems that helps the management of the projects. 

·        Extend specialized knowledge about the Funded Projects and encourage training on how to manage them.

·         Introduce the Project Sponsors and identify their requirements, conditions, and their preferable application dates and communication means.

·         Connect and communicate with project sponsors.

·         Support University students or members who are interested in receiving a sponsorship for their projects.​

expand  Audit Division

The duties, functions, and responsibilities of the Division include:

·         Review all sponsorship applications and the proposed budget before submitting them to the Project Sponsors.

·        Prepare/review any project-related drafts of agreements or memorandums of understanding and help in accelerating the signing process​.

·        Manage the Funded Projects financially and prepare financial reports;

·         Assess progress in the implementation of the Funded Projects, to be submitted to the Coordinator​.​

·         Measure performance and prepare reports; categorize Projects according to their areas, sponsors, the amount of support given, the names of the implementation team, outcomes or any other matters related to them.​​

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