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Training for engineering students is essential since it marks the time to obtain practical knowledge about their field. After learningconcepts from professors, lecturers and also from books we feel like 'we now know everything and we can now develop any type of program based on those concepts. However, the fact is that 'learning a concept' and 'implementing a concept' are two different things, both are tightly coupled but still there are differences. Training can help you to implement the concepts you learned at University.

Training develops confidence in whatever we have learned. Upon completing your training you will feel much confident about your field. All experienced people always like to hear accurate, straight to the point solution to every problem, your career depends on your sharpness, intelligence and of course your confidence. Training will clear your confusions and get new ideas of your fields and help you become confident and sincere about your future.

Training is an obligatory requirement for Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of


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